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A SURVEY of the FORT at TIENDEROGA and its Environs, with the FRENCH LINES and part of LAKE CHAMPLAIN 1759

We Are One: British surveyor William Brasier prepared this plan after the British gained control of Fort Carillon and nearby Fort St. Frédéric (Crown Point) from the French in 1759. Both forts were located near the southern end of Lake Champlain. The French destroyed much of Fort Carillon when they retreated to Quebec. After repairing and renaming it Fort Ticonderoga, the British advanced to capture Quebec and Montreal. In May 1775, colonial militia seized cannons from Ticonderoga and Crown Point, which were still garrisoned by British troops. They transported the cannons to Boston and positioned them on Dorchester Heights. The move helped force the British to evacuate in March 1776.

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  • British Library
  • 1759
  • English
  • Military
  • Manuscript
  • John Gerard De Brahm


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