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Plan de la ville et du port de Boston

The talent and skill of Jean Lattré, a French publisher and engraver, are displayed in this attractive map of the immediate environs of Boston. The city and harbor command a sparse but forceful appearance in which the clarity of the engraving is complemented by the richness of the full wash color. The city itself is carefully rendered, with each existing street shown, including King Street extending inward from the Long Wharf toward the State House and site of the Boston Massacre. It is particularly useful in illustrating the circumstances of the Massacre and the days that followed, for it includes within the Harbor an inset of the fortified island upon which Castle William stood - the location to which the British regiments retreated according to Hutchinson's report.

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  • Boston Public Library
  • 1764
  • French
  • Roads and Routes
  • Houses and Property
  • Hand Coloring
  • Printed


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