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Reddition de l'armée Angloises commandée par Mylord Comte de Cornwallis aux armees combinées des Etats Unis de l'Amerique et de France aux ordres des Generaux Washington et de Rochambeau a Yorck Touwn et Glocester dans la Virginie

This print offers a French perspective of the British surrender at Yorktown. The image portrays Yorktown as a bustling city with European-style buildings with domes and towers. Dozens of ships, standards raised, sail in the river as soldiers stand in formation on the shore. Officers on horses celebrate as male and female civilians observe the scene. This print highlights the French military contributions to the American victory over the British. This lively scene aimed to resonate with Frenchmen celebrating the British defeat.

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  • George Washington's Mount Vernon
  • 1781
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