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Amplissima regionis Mississipi

Subject: Map of the United States showing the territory of Louisiana stretching west to New Mexico, north into Canada, and east in to New York state. Florida is shown with its territory stretching as far north as Maryland. A vignette near the Ohio River shows Native Americans hunting deer or bison with bows and arrows. Cartouche in upper left shows a priest, perhaps Hennepin, with allegorical figures, with a view of Niagara Falls and beavers below. At far right is a cartouche with a seal above it. The cartouche shows a bison, pelican and a Native American man and woman, the woman carrying an infant on her back in a cradleboard.

Tagged with

  • American Antiquarian Society
  • 1763
  • Latin
  • Borders
  • Indigenous Peoples
  • Animal
  • Cartouche
  • Printed


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