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A plan of Quebec and environs, with its defences and the occasional entrenched camps of the French commanded by Marquis de Montcalm

In addition to Ticonderoga and Louisbourg, Québec City was the other major French stronghold in northeastern North America. Its capture was critical to Britain's mission during the French and Indian War. This map delineates the positions of British and French troops during the 1759 siege of the city. The original surveys for this plan were prepared by Samuel Holland and J.F.W. Des Barres, after the capture of Québec. Des Barres surveyed the battlefield and fortifications on the Plains of Abraham, and took soundings in the harbor. A combination of scientific measurements and artistic skill, this plan exemplifies the care taken with each chart in The Atlantic Neptune.

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  • Boston Public Library
  • 1779
  • English
  • Roads and Routes
  • Houses and Property
  • Military
  • Hand Coloring
  • Printed
  • Joseph Frederick Wallet DesBarres


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