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The position of the English and French fleets on the 12th of April 1782 at 10 oclock in the morning

This image depicts the position of the English and French ships during the 1782 Battle of the Saintes. The Americans had defeated the British at Yorktown in 1781, but the British continued their fight to maintain the rest of their colonies. The British victory at this battle, which occurred near the Îles des Saintes, prevented the French from taking control of Jamaica. Near the English fleet list, a female figure with a spear and shield, called Britannia, symbolizes the empire. The ship labeled "T" in the middle of this map represents the Agamemnon. The British ship the Agamemnon was named after the mythological king who led the Greeks during the Trojan War. Nicknamed Eggs-and-Bacon, the Agamemnon was a third rate ship of the line with 64 guns and a staff of nearly 500 people. Commissioned in 1781, the Royal Navy used this ship to maintain and build their empire until she sank in 1809. The ship joined the West Indies fleet after a successful engagement off the coast of France.

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