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An accurate map of North America

Bowen, a leading British map seller and engraver during the mid-18th century, published his first maps of the Americas in the 1740s. This beautifully colored example, which was issued in 1772, was updated to reflect the changes in European colonial claims following the French and Indian War. As indicated in the title, a major purpose of this work was to differentiate the British and Spanish possessions. Consequently, the eastern part of the continent was outlined in red to indicate British control while the western part extending south through Mexico and Central America was outlined in yellow, reflecting Spanish control. The map's ornate title cartouche focuses on two Native American figures identified by their headdresses. One carries a bow while the other sits near a fishing net, suggesting European exploitation of the continent's rich resources. Native fauna, including a parrot, monkeys, a beaver, and a crocodile, have been incorporated into the decorative border.

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  • Boston Public Library
  • 1772
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