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Regni Mexicani seu Novae Hispaniae, Ludovicianae, N. Angliae, Carolinae, Virginae et Pensylvaniae necnon insularum archipelagi Mexicani in America Septentrionali

This attractively decorated map by the German publisher J.B. Homann was copied almost exactly from the Delisle 1703 map, but with no attribution. Compare the geographic outlines of the islands and continental landmasses -- they are the same! The map has merely been repackaged with a new title and Latinized text and place names. For example, the southeastern United States is labeled "Floridae" on the Delisle map, but here is designated as "Ludoviciana," the Latin term for Louisiana. In addition, there are two striking illustrations. One depicts Europeans admiring a treasure chest (the riches of the land), while the natives, identified with feathered headdresses, stand in the foreground observing the newcomers' greed! The other portrays a naval battle scene, possibly a lone British or French ship attacking the Spanish galleons. This interpretation is strongly suggested with the inclusion of the tracks of the Spanish fleets, which yearly sailed in mass to provide protection from the marauding British and French privateers.

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  • Boston Public Library
  • 1759
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