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A plan of Boston, and its environs

This rare and separately issued map with its vibrant original color is an historically valuable and attractive depiction of Revolutionary War Boston and vicinity. It was the best contemporaneous map of the military situation just after the Battle of Bunker Hill and prior to the British evacuation of the city. (This map was published one week before the evacuation). Depicting the situation nine months after Washington assumed command of the Continental Army, the map clearly delineates the envelopment of the city by "Rebel" forces that would lead to the evacuation of all English troops from Boston for the duration of the war. Believed to be the work of the British engineer, Lt. Richard Williams, the map is a commendably uncluttered work that emphasizes key military features such as forts, defensive works, and troop positions. There is excellent detail for the Battle of Bunker Hill, showing the disposition of forces at its conclusion. All the major military emplacements are keyed to a list of detailed references. The main roads through the area and a basic street plan of Boston with some street names are given.

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